Inspired Mama Interview with Allison Winfield

What’s your mom super power? I guess I would have to thank my OCD, for my Mom Super Power. I am great at details and juggling.  This is an important super power to have when you have 5 kids, own your own business and run a non-profit.  In fall (soccer season), I have 2 boys […]

Cultivating an Appreciation for Ourselves ~ Guest Post by Aarathi Selvan

When we begin to cultivate an appreciation for ourselves, we can uncover our brilliance, our light and our strengths. In the face of difficulties, instead of succumbing to dark thoughts, self-flagellation, guilt and shame, we can use our strength to uncover joy, awareness and skilful action. Here are ways to drop your daily life struggles […]

Believing in Yourself and Your Gifts – Guest Post by Sarah Leonard

Believing in yourself: necessary for success but sometimes difficult to do. So how can we keep ourselves in that place of self-belief? How can we get to that space of self-acceptance in the first place? Let me share a few ideas and inspirations with you. I have found that self-belief is a little like a tide - it ebbs […]

The Heart of Learning ~ Guest Post by Martine Joseph

I inspired myself to learn from a young age. When lectures and textbooks lacked sparkle, I created new meanings. With imagination, I could turn any English composition or science experiment into a fascinating task. What if the world were a great playground of fun and discovery? Who would I be in such a world? What […]

10 Reasons Why Our World Needs YOU Right Now

Dear Beautiful Soul, I was thinking of you the other day, wondering if you had any idea of how special you are, how amazing you are, how very much you matter. I know you are busy. I know there is always so much to do and there just never seems to be enough time. Please don’t […]